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50 Things Every Gymnast Needs to Pack

When I was a child, my mom was the master stocking stuffer. Every year she would fill our stockings with meaningful trinkets pertinent to our individuality and current interests. Trying to follow suit, I’ve been on the hunt for special items to stuff in my daughters’ stockings this year. Here are fifty of my gymnastics-themed finds. Hope you find a gymnastics gift (or two or three) perfect for your special gymnast!

Gymnastics Gifts for the Gym Bag

1. CHAP STICK it’s that time again . . . dry skin and cracked lips.
Find Nastia Liukin Lip Balm.
2. TIGER BALM this was my “go-to” ointment as a gymnast to sooth my aches and pains.
3. RIP BAG a trendy storage bag designed by LUV Gymnastics Apparel.
4. GYMNASTICS SOCKS these socks are an exclamation of your daughter’s identity!
5. GYMNASTICS SHORTS my two favorite companies to order gymnastics shorts from are
6. WATER BOTTLE – keep your gymnast hydrated in style.
7. WRIST BANDS – chalky, sweat-stained wristbands are always nice to replace.
8. GYM CHALK – it’s always good to have a spare block of chalk on hand!
9. GRIP BAG – a grip bag should be washed often, and traded out every once in a awhile! There are many fun options when it comes to grip bags.
10. UNDER ARMOUR HEADBAND – they stay in while flipping and twisting.
11. RUBBER BANDS – a gymnast can never have too many.
12. DEODORANT – they will sweat.
I bought {kid’s deodorant} with out antiperspirant for I my lil’ one who wanted to be like the big girls.
13. TAPE – commonly used for tape grips, joint support, and ankles.
14. GYMNASTICS MAKE-UP BAG – transition from workout out to hangout.
15. TAPE CUTTER – easily remove the tape!
16. HAND SANITIZER – because their hands (& 100+ other kids) touch the same equipment.
17. GRIP KEYCHAIN – add some personality to the gym bag.
18. BAG BALM – use it for dried, cracked, and ripped hands.

19. MCKENNA AG DVD – the 2012 American Girl of the year gymnastics movie.
20. MOGO BRACELET – a magnetic charm bracelet.
21. GYMNASTICS STICKERS – bright-colored gymnastics themed stickers.
22. DOLL LEOTARDS – we use these leotards as stuffed animal attire at our house.
23. GEMMA the GYMNASTICS FAIRY – part of the popular Rainbow Magic chapter book series.
24. 18″ DOLL COMPETITIVE WEAR – is your daughter’s doll dressed to compete?
25. GYMNASTICS BEAR – achievement bears celebrate gymnastics skills and levels.
26. GYMNASTICS NIGHT LIGHT – a fun addition to any little girls room.
27. GYMNASTICS WRISTBAND – silicone wristbands that shout their love for the sport.
28. DORA GYMNASTICS DOLL – this 9″ doll is a great stocking stuffer for a Dora fan.
29. LILY’S LUCKY LEOTARD – a first chapter book about a little gymnast.
30. GYMNAST SOCK MONKEY – shirt reads “this monkey gets funky for gymnastics”.
31. MCKENNA AG BOOKS – the popular 2012 american girl of the year book about a young gymnast.
32. EMMA DOLL – love this little tag-along gymnast!
33. GYMNASTICS PENS – to write dreams, goals, and accomplishments.
34. DORA GYMNASTICS DVD – Dora’s fantastic gymnastics adventure.

35. CELL PHONE COVER – bling and gymnastics . . . you can’t go wrong.
36. IVIVVA SPORTS BRA – i love everything about this reversible youth sports bra.
37. LEOTARD GIFT CARD – the BEST stocking stuffer for a gym diva.
38. 2012 OLYMPIC DVD – a recap of gymnastics in London.
39. USAG CHAMPIONS BOOK – stories on the sport’s biggest names from 1950 through 2012.
40. iPOD CASE – creative gymnastics cases for ipods, cellphones, ipads, etc.
41. SHAWN JOHNSON BIO – Winning Balance: what I’ve learned so far about love, faith, and living your dreams.
42. GABBY DOUGLAS BIO – Grace, Gold, & Glory; My leap of faith.
43. MAGNETS – fun for lockers or magnet “goal” boards.
44. JAMBERRY NAILS – gymnastics print DIY nail wraps or after season.
45. JEWELRY – a subtle hint of gymnastics.
46. GYMNAST SCOREBOOK – to keep track of progress!
47. DIVA SHORTS – a bit of a statement.
48. BEST MEET EVER – a book that assists in mental preparation for competition.
49. STICK IT DVD – as seen on the big screen.

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