Infinity Terms & Policies

Prospective gymnasts are invited to attend one trial lesson to be assessed and offered to join a particular squad. Enrolment Form must be filled at the time of joining the club and at the end of each training year, if the gymnasts continues with the club the following year. 

Please click the link to open the online form.


Terms and Hours

There are 4 terms a year ranging from 8 to 12 weeks per Term, generally aligned with the public school terms. It is expected that gymnast attend all training sessions scheduled for her level (club timetable can be found here).

Any necessary variations to the training regime should be negotiated and agreed with the Club Director.

Public Holidays

There are no training on Victorian Public holidays. Exceptions can be made to the gymnasts of higher levels by agreement.

School Holiday Training

A school holidays program is offered to the gymnasts of level 4 and higher. A holiday training schedule will be provided two weeks before the end of each term.

In order to participate in holiday program an application form must be filled in and sent ( or handed in) to the club director not later than 1 week before the end of the term.

Heat Policy

Once the temperature reaches 36 degrees Celsius, as reported at 1pm on the Bureau of Meteorology website for Melbourne Metropolitan area, training will be cancelled for health & safety reasons. Any classes cancelled for this reason will be made up during the first week of the holiday training period. If the gymnast cannot make this there will be no refund.

Make-up classes

No make-up classes are offered unless the class has been cancelled by the club or coach. Any class cancelled by the club or coach will be made up in the first week of the school holidays. If the gymnast cannot make this there will be no refund.


It is expected that gymnasts attend training sessions in training uniform. 

It is compulsory for all gymnasts entered in a competition to compete in club leotard (except for Levels 7 and above) and wear club tracksuit (for all levels). Gymnasts from National Level 7 or International level 5 and up may perform their individual routines in individual leotards.

Training uniform:

  • black leotards (singlet or crop top during hot wheather)

  • fitted black t-shirt (optional)

  • black leggins or tights (biker style shorts during hot wheather)

  • toe shoes. (Note, gymnast may wear white socks during training, but must have toe shoes and change into them upon coach request)

Competition uniform:

  • club track suite

  • club leotard

  • toe shoes (no socks are allowed during routines performance)

  • club polar fleece jacket or vest for winter months

Orders for club leotard and tracksuit can be made by contacting Irina Feldman on 0432 822 774  or email her to


It is expected that gymnasts of level 4 and higher will have their own apparatus and use them during training and competitions.  
Please speak with the coaches about what apparatus may be necessary and where it can be purchased. A few suggestions of suppliers can be found here.

Parents attendance at training

Parents generally are not allowed to be present during the training.  Parents sitting in the gym distract attention of their own and other children. It makes much more difficult for the coach to conduct the class.
Club will be offering open lessons for the parents who would like to see their child at training.
A permission to watch due to special circumstance might be granted. Please talk to your coach or club director.