Infinity Lesson and Class Fees

What does it cost?

Dance Classes

Dance class fees are calculated in hourly rates from $20 an hour depending on length of class. There are discounts for students doing multiple classes each week. There are also sibling discounts available. Fees are billed quarterly via invoice.

Gymnastics Training Fees

Term training fees are calculated in accordance with the number and length of training sessions the gymnast is expected to undertake per week as agreed with you and the coaches as a training regime for the term/year.

Fee rates are set at the beginning of each year. Gymnasts will be notified of any changes to the fees for the following year before the end of the current training year.

Training fees do not include costs for events, any uniform items or apparatus. The fees cover the coaching/tuition provided and use of the club’s gymnastics equipment during training.

Fees for the school holiday training sessions are now included in the quarterly invoices. Individual and extra training sessions are separate from the school term payments. 

There is an annual registration fee payable upon booking your child into a class. This payment is set by the Australian Gymnastics Federation and includes levy for personal accident insurance. The registration is compulsory and non-refundable.

A maintenance fee may be applicable to some classes and training styles and is payable once a year. It is added to the term invoice and covers all administration expenses as well as First-Aid supplies, including ice-packs, band-aids, Panadol, tissues, etc.

Gymnasts may be offered individual or extra training opportunities. These will be considered additional costs and are not included in term fees. All gymnasts from Level 4 and above are expected to do specialist ballet training at an additional cost. 

Gymnasts may be offered extra training sessions before a competition in addition to their regular training times. Extra hours will be charged separately at the gymnast’s normal session rate. 

Some competition fees will be invoiced separately to your term fees. Entry forms and payments are due by the date indicated which is generally a minimum of one month in advance of the competition. Gymnasts will not be entered into the competition if their fees and entry forms are not in by the due date. If a gymnast is entered after the official competition closure date, late fees will apply.To represent the club at any competitions, club fees must be completely up to date.

Payments can be made via internet banking, cheque or in person.

If a gymnast was sick or could not compete for any reason she might be entitled to a refund – see Infinity policy.

Private Lessons

One-on-one private lessons are available:

$50 per hour

$40 for 45 mins

$30 per half an hour

Private lesson can be booked for 2 dancers/gymnasts at the same price - $50 per hour ($25 per student).

Fees payment

Payments can be made via direct deposit (details are provided on the invoice),  in person at reception. 

All invoices for the coming term will be distributed 3 weeks before the start of the new term (1 week before the end of the current term) via e-mail. All  fees are to be paid in full by the due date specified on the invoice. Anyone who is unable to pay their term fees in full by the due date should contact the  Director one week prior to this date so that an alternative payment date or instalment plan can be arranged. 

No gymnast/dancer will be allowed to start a term unless fees have been paid in full or an instalment plan is activated.


Applications to pay in instalments will only be accepted on the Instalment Application Form which must be lodged before fees are due. Instalments may be made in no more than 4 equal payments over a term. 

Unpaid Fees

Unpaid fees of more than 30 days will be referred to a debt collector after two unsuccessful requests to settle the debt has been made. In this instance, an additional cost of 20% of the debt will be later invoiced to recover the costs involved.


Holidays and Other Absence

Please note that gymnasts who miss training sessions during a term (to go on holiday or for any other reason) are not entitled to a fee reduction. However, if the holiday or absence is for a period of 3 weeks or longer during a term there is an option to receive a fee credit if the club has been given written notice of the planned absence 3 weeks before the beginning of the term. The term fees still must be paid in full by the due date and the fee credit for the missed period will be applied towards the next term’s fees. No refund or discount on fees is given for gymnasts/dancers away on gymnastics trips.

Injury/ Illness

Gymnasts/dancers who miss a training session due to sickness or injury are not entitled to a fee reduction. However, if a gymnast/dancer is sick or injured for longer than 3 weeks (with a medical certificate) the parents will be offered credit for the missed period in the next term’s fees. The gymnast/dancer should not train at all during this time i.e. if gymnast/dancer is training a modified program they are not eligible for this discount. Notice regarding this period of leave must be given in writing (email) to the Director.

Retirement from the Club

Gymnasts/dancers planning to retire or leave are asked to make their intent clear in writing before the end of the previous term. Those who fail to provide a written notice will face 50% of scheduled term fee as a cancellation fee. Full term fees are applicable for anyone leaving in the middle of the term. Exemptions may be made under certain conditions e.g. medical injury, interstate relocation. Please apply to the Director if you consider an exemption is warranted.